London, ON indigenous artist Wolf Saga has achieved a lot in his career so far. He has worked with Samsung, which teamed him up with producers Chin & Khalil, Air Canada, and Converse, who put him in a studio for Rubber Tracks. On top of that, he has taped an episode of Guilt Free Zone for APTN and appeared on an episode of Killjoys. 

Past highlights include playing the inaugural WayHome Festival, shooting a commercial in Australia for Air Canada, charting at no. 1 on the National Aboriginal Music Countdown for several weeks, filming a First Play Live session with CBC, and recently headlining Indie Week (Toronto) plus being a finalist for Canada's Walk of Fame Emerging Artists.

Relocating to Toronto, ON and now performing as a trio with guitarist/keyboardist Richard Gracious and drummer Michael Farina has allowed Wolf Saga to bring in some indie-rock influences to his synth-based dance sound.




BRKTHBEAT, a musical collective, combines retro sounds with futuristic elements, creating a soundscape that is funky, modern, and authentic.  Members come with years of recording experience under their belt, decorated with awards including 3 Grammys. 




Lowest of the Low rose to prominence after the release of their 1991 debut album Shakespeare….My Butt — 17 tracks of smart, spiky, socially conscious folk-rock that were assembled from the character sketches and journal entries in Ron Hawkins’ ever present- notebook as he wandered the streets of Toronto. The end result was an eloquent love letter to the city and its people.

It’s 2017 and they are back with a new album and a fresh attitude. “Do The Right Now” the 2017 album is a near-perfect embodiment of the Low’s evolution as a band. It’s got the clever wordplay, razor-sharp hooks, meaty riffs and airtight harmonies that permeate their back-catalogue, but also benefits from a broader sonic palette that can only come with experience and experimentation. It’s a thrilling natural progression of their insistent sound, and it manages to pull off a pretty sly, contradictory trick, too: it’s a modern treatise on living in the moment that simultaneously manages to take an over-the-shoulder glance at the group’s own past. 

The songs on Do The Right Now are united by a common, overarching theme: the importance of mindfulness, of being present in an age of distraction rather than fixating on the future or being a slave to your past. “Tomorrow’s a lie and yesterday’s gone,” as the title track asserts.
The album encourages the carpe’ing of many diems, it also allows for you to sit back and listen to great album start to finish. 




The DIY spirit that has sparked many musical revolutions is now equipped with more quality tools than ever, which provides the perfect climate for the prodigious up-and-coming superstar Jake Donaldson. This 16-year-old Canadian content creator has become a one-man wrecking shop in the entertainment industry, doing on his own what used to be delegated to an entire company’s worth of man hours. From songwriting and production, to planning choreography, all the way down to the video production and editing, Jake Donaldson does it all.

Up to this point in his career, Jake has carved out a strong audience through his unique takes on top-40 music, including The Weeknd, The Chainsmokers, & Khalid to name a few. Jake also has an entire EPs worth of original material waiting in the wings, including his single entitled “Options” that is AVAILABLE on all streaming services.

At the end of 2016, Jake put together a Guys vs Girls mashup video with his friend Raina Harten, that video spread like wildfire collecting nearly 100 million total views and new fans across the world. With a 2017 video announced at the end of this year, Jake and Raina hope to repeat their success by recapping this year’s greatest hits. Sharing his viral insights, Jake showed his gratitude to the technology that helps him spread his word, “Social media allows people to share their perspective and communicate their visions with other people who understand it. There’s an open playing field now with fewer gatekeepers. The people get to help decide what’s good and why, and us content creators can stay focused on making quality content.”

At only 16 years of age, Jake Donaldson has got a taste for the perks of being a popstar, receiving free shoes from the iconic Nike brand, and equipment from trendsetting musical instrument brand ROLI. His passion for videography has been recognized through partnerships from JOBY, Lowepro, Manfrotto, and Moment. Set to cause a big splash going into 2018, Jake Donaldson is an artist to watch.


Chosen as the Young Performers of the Year at the 2017 Canadian Folk Music Awards and Best Young Songwriters at the 2017 Toronto Independent Music Awards, Moscow Apartment is driven by a mixture of sweet harmonies and belted refrains, acoustic shimmer and electric crunch, and the clever wordplay of multi-instrumentalists and versatile vocalists Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla.

The heart of their work is songcraft with a power and heft beyond their years, but that still draws from the dreams and worries of youth. The resulting songs slip and shift through traditional folk, pop, and post-punk to create a distinct kind of indie rock that moves your feet even as it catches in your throat.

Friends for years after having met as members of the VIVA! Youth Singers — Toronto's top kids’ choir — Brighid and Pascale began Moscow Apartment early in 2017, taking their name from the caption beneath a picture of an old Muscovite outside a bleak building in a book of photographs. “Something about that caught our eye,” Pascale says. “It seemed like a good name, a different name, for our duo.”  

The duo put together a collection of solid songs in short order and completed their first EP with the support of an array of local musicians, and a fund-raising campaign that drew on their quickly-growing fan-base. The self-titled EP was officially launched September 29 2017 at the Burdock in Toronto, and it's been a whirlwind ever since.